Time Kap — Sule

Returning Negative Energies to Negative People

Happy Halloween

Return to Sender
All the Negative Energies

Return to Sender
To those out to get me

Return to Sender
Again and Again for us

Return to Sender
So they can argue and fuss

Return to Sender
The Sex Magic & Black Magic

Return to Sender
and make their lives tragic



7 Types of Love

Committed, Long Lasting Love

Blue Splatter

Where else would I go?
Who else would I want to know?
When will I see you again?
Why are you everything I need, better than a friend?
What do I see in you?
Will you just say I do?

— Shadai




7 Types of Love

Love for the World

Green Splatter
Green Splatter

Separate, yet connected.
Danger, yet protected.
Strangers, yet family.
Exposed, yet canopy.
Dreams, yet reality.
Craziness, yet sanity.
Pain, yet pleasure.
Unpredictable, yet measured.
Death, yet birth.
Heaven, yet Earth.
Humans, yet creatures.
Learners, yet teachers.
Lost, yet found.
Sky, yet ground.
Sea, yet land.
Dirt, yet sand.
Mountains, yet valleys.
Buildings, yet alleys.
Pest, yet insects.
Worst, yet best.
Claws, yet paws.
One, yet all.
Flawed, yet perfect.
Meaningless, yet…



7 Types Of Love

Unconditional Love, Family

Purple splatter
Purple Paint

No matter what you choose, i love you.
No matter win or lose, i love you.

Through the cuts & bruise, i love you.
Through the laughs & boohoos, i love you.

Whether right or accused, i love you.
Whether apart or fused, i love you.

In the thick &…